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India is known all over the world for its food and wonderful spices. Indian people mostly like spicy food. The tempering of red chillies and various other spices makes the dish more delicious, but sometimes it happens that the food becomes spicier than required. Once the quantity of red chillies gets too much, it makes it very difficult to finish the whole meal. In such a situation, one starts drinking more water than eating food.

Today, we will share some easy hacks by which you can save food from getting wasted when the food gets spicy. Try these hacks if there is too much red chilli in the food.

Mix flour: The effect of chilli can be reduced by mixing maida in the sabzi. For this, take a spoonful of oil, put one tablespoon of flour into it, and fry it for some time then add it to the sabzi. This will instantly reduce the extra spice in the curry.

Add Lemon Juice: This hack can also be used in dry vegetables. Adding lemon juice to the vegetable reduces the effect of red chilli and enhances the taste of the food.

Use Cream: If there is gravy in the vegetable or food, adding cream will greatly reduce the chilli’s spiciness. For this, add one to two spoons of cream to the prepared gravy and cook it on low flame. Due to this, along with reducing the effect of chilli, the taste of food will also increase.

Use sugar or honey: When it is a dry dish, you can use honey or sugar. In such a situation, adding some sugar and honey to the food will balance the effect of chilli.

Use ghee or butter: The use of ghee and butter not only doubles the taste of any dish but its use can also reduce the spiciness of chillies in the gravy.