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Lifestyle plays a vital role in keeping blood pressure under control. Millions across the globe are suffering from the condition of high blood pressure. Also known as hypertension, the condition can lead to poor quality of life, disability, or even a deadly heart attack or stroke. Meanwhile, a recent study has revealed that high blood pressure is linked to bone loss and ageing.

In the study with a mouse model, the researchers of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, found that due to high blood pressure, the risk of bone loss increases.

According to a Medical News Today report, a decline in bone health was observed in young rats due to hypertension. The findings also suggest that bone ageing in young mice could be due to increased inflammation linked with high blood pressure.

So far it has been revealed in many studies that high blood pressure increases the risk of developing a disease called osteoporosis, which reduces the mineral density of bones and makes them weak. This also worsens the structure of the bone and increases the risk of fracture. People who are suffering from the condition of high blood cancer are more prone to bone fractures. However, there are medications available that can increase bone strength and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Speaking about the study, the researchers said that the data of the study can be of great help in discovering the link between humans and osteoporosis. Therefore, the data of this study is crucial.

The findings of the research were recently presented at the American Heart Association Trusted Source’s Hypertension Scientific Sessions 2022 in San Diego, California.

Ways to reduce osteoporosis risk

Drinking alcohol in moderation

Quit smoking

Staying physically active

Regularly participating in weight-bearing exercises, such as walking

Consuming a daily well-balanced diet, especially rich in calcium and vitamin D

Consult your doctor